Kudos again to my creative consultant…

Barry Nove’s sold a short story, Immortal State, which will appear in the debut issue of the new online ezine, Atomic Avarice this summer. According the editor it was one of his favorites – likely why he accepted it… But this is a case where a new author’s persistence has paid off. He kept crafting this story, had it copyedited, and kept sending it out to market after market, rejection after rejection, knowing it was one of his best sci fi stories. One top of that, he’s just gotten a contract for another sci fi story, which will appear in an anthology next winter in trade paperback.

Writing’s not an easy road. There are a lot of challenges… but selling stories means others get a chance to enter your imagination and hopefully find something really worth reading (and want to see what else you’ve in store for them.

Good luck, my friend… Good luck my new friends out there!

D.H. Aire


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